Monday, March 16, 2009

President James Madison's Birthday

Today is the 258th birthday of James Madison, our 4th president. Known as the "Father of the Constitution," this president was a Founding Father of both the United States and the Republican Party. He served as president from 1809-1817. The War of 1812 was often referred to as "Mr. Madison's War."

To learn more, check out these links...

White House: Biography of James Madison

The Papers of James Madison
(University of Virginia)

Sonnet Erin Brown
Federal Documents Librarian
Subject Specialist: Political Science/Paralegal Studies

"James Madison." American Eras, Volume 4: Development of a Nation, 1783-1815. Gale Research, 1997. Reproduced in Biography Resource Center. Farmington Hills, Mich.: Gale, 2009.

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